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Extend your database instantly and identify unknown germs or confirm germs difficult to discriminate. Reliable results are only a few clicks away: simply upload your MALDI-TOF analysis to MabritecCentral and receive a fully substantiated identification within just minutes.

MabritecCentral is an online database for the comparison and identification of bacterial MALDI-TOF MS spectra. It is regularly updated and curated by
Mabritec AG, a Swiss service laboratory with more than 14 years experience in bacterial identification.

In addition to the high species coverage (>16’000 valid species and >8000 genomospecies), mabritecCentral allows an improved discrimination of close related species and a typing on subspecies level.

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  • MALDI-TOF MS is able to fill essential gaps in rapid tick vector species identification. This will become increasingly important in times of climate change leading to shifts in tick vector habitats and vector borne disease epidemiology of animals and humans.
    Prof Claudia Daubenberger, DVM
    Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)